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September 12, 2019 Press Release

The ACE Veterans Act expands veterans’ access to contraceptives, includes an option for full-year supply

The Post-9/11 Veteran Suicide Prevention Counseling Act would improve suicide prevention for post-9/11 veterans

August 5, 2019 Press Release

WASHINGTON— Today, Congresswoman Lauren Underwood (IL-14) and Congressman Joe Kennedy III (MA-4) hosted a mental health forum to address challenges young Americans face with mental health. In the United States, suicide remains a leading cause of death among young Americans and research indicates the number is growing each year.

July 17, 2019 Press Release

WASHINGTON— Today, the Committee on Homeland Security unanimously passed legislation introduced by Vice Chair Lauren Underwood (IL-14) to address deficiencies and improve medical screening procedures at the U.S.-Mexico border. Underwood’s legislation works to comprehensively improve the quality of care at the border by creating set standards and timelines for medical screening to include medical history, current medical complaints, current medications, and more.

July 12, 2019 Press Release

Washington, DC – Today, Congresswomen Alma Adams (NC -12) and Lauren Underwood (IL-14), founders and co-chairs of the Black Maternal Health Caucus, convened 32 of the leading organizations working to address the Black maternal health crisis for the Caucus’ first-ever stakeholder summit.

The summit served as a listening session for Members of the Black Maternal Health Caucus to hear insights from a diverse group of stakeholders on their advocacy efforts and their recommendations for the Caucus.

July 9, 2019 Press Release

WASHINGTON— Today, as the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals hears oral arguments in Republicans’ Texas v. U.S. lawsuit, Rep. Lauren Underwood (IL-14) responded to the latest efforts to strike down the entire Affordable Care Act and throw our health system into chaos, including protections for people with pre-existing conditions, the ability for people to stay on their parents insurance until the age of 26, and first dollar coverage of preventive services. Rep.

June 27, 2019 Press Release

WASHINGTON— Congresswoman Lauren Underwood (IL-14), Vice Chair of the Committee on Homeland Security, today introduced the U.S. Border Patrol Medical Screening and Standards Act (H.R. 3525) to ensure appropriate medical safeguards for individuals apprehended by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP).

June 26, 2019 Press Release

WASHINGTON— Last night, Congresswoman Lauren Underwood (IL-14)’s legislation to protect the Affordable Care Act passed the House of Representatives. The legislation passed as a part of the House appropriations package for Fiscal Year 2020, and would prevent the Department of Justice (DOJ) from spending federal funds on litigation that undermines the health care law, including Texas v. United States.

June 24, 2019 Press Release

WASHINGTON— Today, Congresswomen Lauren Underwood (IL-14) and Alma Adams (NC-12) released the following statements after multiple priorities of the Black Maternal Health Caucus passed the House of Representatives, including key investments for research aimed at reducing and improving maternal health disparities. The legislation passed as part of the Fiscal Year 2020 Labor, Health and Human Services, Education, and Related Agencies Appropriations.

June 15, 2019 Press Release

MINOOKA—In a press conference today on health care affordability, Congresswoman Lauren Underwood (IL-14) discussed her plan to make health care more affordable and reduce premium costs for approximately 20 million Americans. Kaylee Heap, a mother from Minooka who runs Heap’s Giant Pumpkin Farm with her husband, shared how her family has been affected by the high cost of health care.

June 5, 2019 Press Release

WASHINGTON—Yesterday, Congresswoman Lauren Underwood (IL-14) spoke before the Ways and Means Committee to push for her legislation to make health care more affordable and reduce premium costs for consumers who purchase plans through the Health Insurance Marketplace. The Health Care Affordability Act (H.R. 1868) would expand eligibility for premium tax credits beyond 400 percent of the federal poverty line, and would increase the size of the tax credit for all income brackets.