Coronavirus Stories and Experiences

Across northern Illinois, our communities are experiencing tremendous change and uncertainty.

Many of our neighbors are grappling with new anxieties about healthcare, separation from loved ones, loss of employment or income, and increased stress.

These are real hardships, and I would like to learn about what you are experiencing. We are all in this together.

The coming weeks will be difficult, and will require sacrifices by all of us: health care workers who selflessly put the needs of their patients and our community first; small businesses that will totally change their business models to manufacture urgently needed medical supplies or stretch every resource to keep their workers on payroll; and students whose schools have closed and now are babysitting for the nurse next door and picking up groceries for the elderly couple down the street.

In these difficult times, heroes are already emerging. They are our neighbors, our family members, and our friends. Many of you are among them.

If you have a story or experience that you would like to share, please fill out the form below.