Casework Success Stories

Casework Success Stories

  • 949 Constituent Cases Closed
  • 58,500 Email / Letter Responses
  • $11,056,009 Earned Benefits Returned to Constituents

Every day, I’m proud to represent the 14th District in Congress. Please know that I am here to serve you and that my office has resources to help members of our community cut through the red tape of federal agencies. In fact, Team Underwood has already returned over $11,056,009 to people in our community who needed help securing veterans’ benefits, Medicare benefits, Social Security payments, and more. Please do not hesitate to contact me at my West Chicago, Woodstock, or Washington, D.C. offices at 630-549-2190 for more information on available services.

Check out constituent success stories from across the 14th District of Illinois.

Brendan from Naperville

In May 2019, Congresswoman Underwood met with Brendan, a veteran from Naperville, who was experiencing difficulty applying for Veterans Disability Compensation at open office hours. Underwood was able to help Brendan by sending a letter to the VA outlining his issue. In June, we heard back that his issue had been resolved and he qualified for his earned benefits.

“I am very grateful for the support of Representative Underwood and her team for assisting me in my efforts to claim veterans' disability benefits. I can’t think of anything more kind or responsive than the manner in which Rep. Underwood has handled my concerns,” said Brendan in a letter expressing his gratitude.

Mariusz Siwiak from Island Lake

In May 2019, Congresswoman Underwood helped Island Lake resident, Mariusz Siwiak, who was seeking help to receive back-due Social Security benefits. In less than one week, Underwood was able to pinpoint the paperwork glitch holding back the payment and return more than $41,000 in benefits to Siwiak.

“Since January 2019, I was not able to receive any information or make progress alone. Within a week of contacting Congresswoman Underwood, all issues were resolved and soon after, I received backpay benefits from SSA. I would like to thank the Congresswoman and express gratitude to the office representative for the immediate assistance and positive outcome,” said Siwiak from Island Lake.

Patrick Chaney from Lake County

In April 2019, Congresswoman Underwood helped Lake County resident, Patrick Chaney, recover his Medicare benefits after he had inadvertently canceled them and temporarily lost health care coverage.

“I made the mistake of canceling my Medicare Part B. That cancellation effectively took me out of my medical health care coverage. I contacted Congresswoman Underwood’s office and Rebecca became my guardian angel, following up with my paperwork with Social Security and checking in with me to see how I was doing. She really cared! I’m convinced that if not for my Congresswoman’s office, I wouldn’t have my Medicare back,” said Patrick Chaney.

Skip and Beverly from Sycamore

In May 2019, Congresswoman Underwood helped Sycamore residents improve community safety for their neighborhood along Airport Road. Skip and Beverly from Sycamore contacted the office for help relocating their mailboxes. As a result of Park District improvements near Airport Road, Skip and Beverly shared their concerns for their communities safety and for residents required to cross a busy street to access their mailboxes due to increased highway traffic. Underwood heard and quickly addressed their concern, by working with the United States Postal Service and the Sycamore Park District to successfully relocate the mailboxes to a safer location.

"Too often we’re cynical about big government and the responsiveness and concern of our elected officials--Lauren Underwood has proven she’s different!  She listens, she cares, and she wants to make a positive difference in the lives of her constituents.  Thanks to Lauren Underwood and her staff these neighbors will be safer daily as they retrieve their mail and Sycamore Park District’s soccer complex is going to benefit Sycamore’s youth for many, many years to come.  After almost a year of working on this Lauren Underwood got the job done in a short amount of time,” said Michelle Schulz, Vice President of Sycamore Park District Board.

Chante from McHenry

In September 2019, Congresswoman Underwood helped McHenry resident Chante Kendall secure $44,035 in Social Security benefits. Chante contacted Congresswoman Underwood’s office and reported that she had been pursuing a disability case for two years and was experiencing homelessness. Congresswoman Underwood and her team contacted the Social Security Administration right away and within several weeks secured a fair, favorable decision for Chante Kendall.

"I would like to thank you all for your help and support. I was losing hope and when Lauren Underwood staff jumped in to help me, it gave me hope," Chante from McHenry. 

Donna McCormack from Batavia

In August 2019, Congresswoman Underwood helped Batavia resident Donna McCormack secure her $6,476.76 federal tax refund from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), which was months overdue. In under one month, Underwood’s team identified the error delaying Donna’s refund and returned her money.

“I had been trying to receive my federal tax return for five months. So, I went to Congresswoman Underwood’s office in West Chicago, filled out a form, and was assigned to a caseworker to help resolve my refund request. Within one month, I received my tax refund from the IRS. Everyone in Underwood’s office was very receptive to my problem and helped solve it,” said Donna From Batavia.

Jamie Schumacher from Geneva

In March 2020, Geneva resident, Susan Arch, wrote Congresswoman Underwood on behalf of her neighbor Jamie Schumacher who was unable to return home on her flight from Haiti, as a result of steps taken by the country to contain the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) by shutting down local airports. Over the course of three days, Underwood and staff worked around the clock with the U.S. Department of State to provide the constituent a means to get out of Haiti by a chartered commercial flight. On March 25, 2020, Schumacher was able to return home safely.

“I was overwhelmed with the reawakened awareness that THIS is how government works: each of us is truly represented by an elected official who works on our behalf in Washington.”

“From the moment the Haitian president closed the airports on March 19 to the moment the plane took off on March 23, I felt anxious. However, that anxiety was often lessened by the knowledge that folks back in the States were speaking for me and making my story known. Representative Underwood and staff: you were an answer to prayer, and I will forever be grateful to you for the role you played in bringing me home during this crisis.” -Jamie Schumacher from Geneva

Steven from Harvard

In April 2020, Congresswoman Underwood helped Harvard resident Steven Sorenson understand how the CARES Act would impact his family and whether he would receive the $1,200 economic impact payment. Steven had a unique situation and was not able to find reliable information online.

“I reached out to Congresswoman Underwood’s office for help with my family’s unique situation with regards to the 2020 stimulus bill. After much effort, I had found no answers to my unique questions until Emily Caplan was able to ascertain the information needed to our unusual situation… I applaud Emily Caplan and the others from her office which aided my family. Thank you," said Steven. 

Alvaro from Antioch

In January 2020, Congresswoman Underwood helped Antioch resident, Alvaro Fuentes, whose niece lost her passport after moving abroad as a child.  In less than two weeks Mr. Fuentes’ niece was approved for a new passport.

"The support and assistance of Representative Underwood and her team was key for my niece to get her passport that she couldn’t get for a long time after losing it while living abroad. I am thrilled, not only for the effectiveness of the assistance, but also for the willingness to help and the kindness of the team. I can’t thank you enough," said Alvaro.

Sonia Martinez from Lake in the Hills, IL

In April, Congresswoman Underwood helped Lake in the Hills resident, Sonia Martinez, who was seeking help to receive back-due Social Security benefits that were owed to her deceased father. In less than two months Underwood was able to help Sonia and her family receive the funds that were owed to them.

"I contacted Congresswoman Underwood's office after my father won a case for disability with Social Security. They owed him backpay for the case taking so long to close. After he finally won his case he, unfortunately, passed away due to his illness. Social Security was taking a long time to release the money owed. My mother started struggling with bills on her own, and I decided to get help. When I contacted Congresswoman Underwood, she took down all my information, and I sent her all the documents needed. Her office kept me updated all the time with any news. I was so surprised to see that she was able to get social Security to release the money and it didn’t take long at all. I am so thankful for her and the help she provided. I’m so glad I contacted the Congresswoman, and I would recommend her to anyone that needs help," said Sonia. 

Suneel from Naperville, IL 

In May 2020, Congresswoman Underwood helped Naperville resident, Suneel receive accurate updates regarding his Green Card Application that was outside of normal processing times.  

“I am very grateful for Representative Underwood and her staff for assisting me in getting an update from USCIS for our green card applications. She cared for us! We got approval for our greens after 11 years of waiting," said Suneel P.

Ninad from Plainfield, IL 

In April 2020, Congresswoman Underwood was contacted by Plainfield resident, Ninad, whose wife was trying to return home to the U.S. from India amidst the coronavirus pandemic, but unable to secure a flight home. Underwood immediately contacted the State Department to help secure Ninad’s wife a seat on the last scheduled evacuation flight from India.


“Out of desperation, I reached out to Congresswoman Underwood for help. Within hours her staff reached out to me to collect details about my wife. Congresswoman Underwood and her staff called numerous times to the State Department and U.S. Consulate in Mumbai to inquire about my wife’s evacuation status.  Finally, a day before the last scheduled evacuation flight from Mumbai, my wife received a call from U.S. Consulate in Mumbai to tell her that she has a confirmed seat on the last flight. My wife and I are grateful for Congresswoman Underwood and her staff to take a personal interest in our situation and help my wife come back to the United States. Due to her efforts, my wife was able to celebrate both of our kid’s birthdays. More than that, I was able to get my partner back with whom I can share my parenting duties in this difficult time,” said Ninad. 


Deb O from Aurora

In July, Congresswoman Underwood helped Deb receive her tax refund. Deb filed her taxes in January and followed all IRS instructions but in July she still hadn’t received her tax refund. When Deb contacted Rep. Underwood she had just been told she wouldn’t receive her return until October.  Rep. Underwood contacted the IRS on Deb’s behalf and opened a case with the taxpayer advocates. Two weeks after contacting Rep. Underwood, Deb received her tax refund.

“I sent my taxes in January 2020, the IRS required more data, I compiled and they started to process my return in March. I kept checking their web site to see when my return was finished and when I could expect my refund. I finally was able to contact the IRS in July and was told to expect my return in October! I called Lauren’s office, explained my problem to Emily and two weeks later received my refund! Great job guys! Thanks so much!”

Robert Fullone from Warrenville

In August 2019, Robert and Tassanne Fullone contacted Congresswoman Underwood regarding a clerical error made by U.S. Customs and Immigration Services (USCIS) while processing her citizenship application. Underwood worked with USCIS and the agency agreed to re-open her case. In August 2020, the Fullone’s received a positive resolution and Tassanee attended her Naturalization ceremony on August 24, 2020.   

“My wife Tassanne and I contacted Rep. Underwood's office last year regarding her citizenship petition. Her case was held up due to an oversight on the part of [USCIS]. Due to the help and assistance of Rep. Underwood, my wife received her citizenship on August 24. Your regular emails every month assured us that you were doing all you could to help her gain citizenship. You have helped to restore confidence with our elected officials.”

For more information on how Underwood’s office can help, constituents may contact her district offices at 630-549-2190 or visit